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9 occasions to offer a portrait

Offering a minimalist portrait is the assurance of having a unique and personalized gift.

Here are 9 ideas for occasions to offer a portrait:
  1. Baptism or birth
    Offering a portrait for a baptism or as a birth gift makes it possible to have a unique gift, to avoid duplicates and to offer parents an unforgettable souvenir gift of their little angel who is growing up far too quickly.

  2. The wedding
    You are looking for an unforgettable gift for a wedding, personalized according to the bride and groom and which will please both Mr and Mrs without being a dust catcher. The minimalist portrait is the ideal gift to immortalize a moment of life: one of the most beautiful days of his life.

  3. A birthday
    Finding an original and unique gift for a birthday is complicated for you. The portrait is a great idea to be sure to have a unique and emotional gift to offer to your friend, relative, half for his birthday.

  4. Christmas
    Gift ideas for Christmas are sometimes difficult to find because our loved ones have everything they need. Making a Christmas list can be tricky so offering a portrait allows you to have a unique and personalized gift that you can decline to everyone around you.

  5. A burial
    At the time of the loss of a loved one, offering flowers can sometimes seem fleeting and we are looking for a gift that lasts over time. The portrait is an original alternative, personalized and full of emotions. Immortalizing the lost person with their loved ones is a sublime gift for this memory.

  6. A retirement
    The end of a career is done with an object that marks: a portrait with the whole work team is the ideal gift. A unique, personalized gift, full of memories and which can be funny depending on the photos chosen.

  7. Valentine's day
    Finding a gift for your other half for Valentine's Day is sometimes a real treasure hunt. Offering a portrait is a personalized gift, full of feelings and very romantic that will mark your other half with its originality.

  8. A rack
    When you move into a new apartment, tradition dictates that you offer objects that are useful on a daily basis. Sometimes the lack of ideas leads to giveaways gathering dust. Offering a portrait of new tenants/owners is a personalized gift that will please every time.

  9. Wedding anniversary
    A wedding anniversary is the celebration of so many years of memories for a couple. Offering a minimalist portrait is the ideal gift to immortalize those years in a personalized illustration for a gift that is sure to please.

To offer a portrait is to arrive in a single gift to assemble all the characteristics of the ideal gift:
✦ Personalized and unique gift
✦ Made In France
✦ Sentimental and remembrance
✦ Which adapts to any interior
✦ Personal without being too intimate
✦ To please and make people smile
✦ Creative gift so trendy

Who do you think of to offer a minimalist portrait?

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